You need more than just a pretty roadmap.

Prodmentum provides a complete toolkit for your team

Make your product teams great!

Product overviews provide context for every initiative

Get a high level look at all the products, customer touchpoints, competitor reviews, upcoming events, and more with the Prodmentum Dashboard. Provides a one-stop-shop for every important aspect of your products with activity feeds and quick links.

Give your team a consistent stream of actionable content

All key information for your products can be organized in one central place so your team knows exactly where to find critical information. Ensure each item has the details filled in across all your products so that executives and members moving between teams can quickly get up-to-speed.

Templates provide consistency & accountability

Never wonder who added which feature request to your backlog and why she or he added it. Ensure every request has context and prioritization so that team members have the information they need to be successful.

Track goals and objectives across all levels

Don’t keep your OKRs or other documents in some nebulous application that only gets looked at once a quarter or year (if ever). Embed goals within the projects so that everything becomes aligned. Unify your work with goals to ensure transparency and clarity.

Team profiles and retrospectives ensure continuous improvements

Every great product has a great team behind it. Ensure your team’s have cohesion and are constantly bettering themselves with team hub pages that are embedded into your product management process.

Competitive product summaries provide ongoing insights into your landscape

Don’t operate in the dark. A key role of product management is to provide context to the organization explaining why what you’re doing is important. Competitive intelligence and information sharing is housed in a central repository and embedded in your product management process with Prodmentum.

Provide unifying messaging & alignment for major milestones

Ensure everyone knows when the big dates and milestones are coming. Keep the momentum going across the organization by tracking key events and ensuring all team members are informed with the messaging and objectives.

Audience personas and touchpoints create an evolving view of your customers

Talking to customers and users is critical to the success for any product. Ensure every touchpoint with your audience is captured and chronicled so that you don’t have to constantly reinvent the wheel. Build on past knowledge with centralized personas and reports of all your interactions.

Over 20 customizable templates for any need

Everything in Prodmentum is based on best practice templates provided as part of the basic solution. But you can always take any (or all) of our suggested templates and customize them to your own situation and market. You can also create your own templates as you see fit.

Assign members to roles on teams

Once you understand the roles, then it’s time to assign them to users. Ensure everyone knows what they need to do to make the product successful and avoid confusion and dropped balls.

Define roles & responsibilities for team members

As great teams are the foundation of any great product, clearly defined roles and responsibilities are the foundation of any great team. Clearly document what is expected of each role on your team and ensure people know what is expected of them.

Add features & prioritize them

The foundation of every product is the backlog. Add features to your backlog, pick them up, and ensure they are worked on. Allow anyone to ask questions and comment on the feature to ensure a single source of truth for each feature you are working on.

Create tasks & assign them to team members

Every feature is a collection of key tasks. Track what is pending and what is completed so everyone can stay up-to-speed on progress.

Align product launches with marketing campaigns

Marketing and product should be in lockstep. Don’t keep marketing in the dark until the very end. And on the flip side, let marketing share their work and collateral with the whole team in one central repository. That way everyone stays on mission and on message.

Manage reports for tracking progress

Keep your product team informed by ensuring regular reports and updates are stored in the product section. Help everyone understand what success looks like and which metrics you are trying to move in order to get there.

Publish your challenges & invite suggestions

Add challenges that your business or product is facing and let members submit proposals through hackathons, individual initiatives, or side projects.

Studies have shown, over and over, that the best unit for achieving organizational success is the empowered team.

Nathan, Director of Product

Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results

George S. Patton Jr.